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Sports Memorabilia Framing

Get Your Sports Memorabilia Framed

Sports Memorabilia Framing for almost any type of kit, shirts, bats, rackets, balls, the sky is the limit . If you are in the Wirral and Chester areas we offer a door to door service. Our aim is frame to conservation standard wherever possible to ensure your item is preserved for years to come.

Creating timeless frames

Here is our range of framing services for your Sports Memorabilia

Standard Shirt Framing from £109

All shirts are hand stretched and mounted into a deep rebate frame:

Delux Shirt Framing from £119

Framed as our standard shirt with the following additions:

Premium Shirt Framing £139

Design your own individual frame, you provide the images and we will design a frame to suit you. our computerised mount cutters also allow us to add text or cut out lettering to further enhance the finished frame

About our Framing

All of our Picture frame mouldings come from one of the UK’s largest suppliers of Mouldings and mount boards. We have carefully selected our supplier based on their reputation for quality and service and also their environmental policies. We have developed a good working relationship based on over 18 years of trading

The type of wood used for picture framing will vary depending on the moulding style and price, examples are Obeche, Ramin, Oak, Ash, Beech, and Pine. We test all picture frame mouldings we offer before we add them to our range to ensure they are good to work with and offer the best level of finish to the picture frame. We offer barefaced mouldings for a natural look which can be supplied with a light polish finish if required

Please note that in addition to the frames we offer as standard stock we have access to over 2000 different picture frame mouldings, please contact us for further details

Frame assembly is important to us to give longevity to the frame, all frames are cut using a Morso mitre cutter and all picture frame joints are underpinned for strength, the number of pins per corner will vary depending on the width of Moulding

How To Choose A Picture Frame

Frame choice is often a personal thing and also difficult when faced with too much choice. In addition to our standard offer we have access to over 2000 different Picture Frames (Mouldings)

We believe there are some basic rules which should be followed when choosing your Picture Frame

Ensure the mount you select does not clash with your choice of Picture frame (moulding)
When choosing be conscious of the surrounds were the picture frame will hang, this is more important with wood colours, most people prefer to select wood colours to match furniture colour, ie if the cabinets etc are Mahogany then the best choice for a frame would be a dark wood and not perhaps Honey Pine
Be aware that some Picture frame mouldings can date with time. We have chosen a range we feel will stay up to date for a long time to come
If the picture frame is to be given as a gift then It’s always a good idea to stay neutral, blacks, silvers and some gold colours are often a wise choice as they tend to blend in most of the time
Above all it’s your Photograph or piece of artwork that’s being framed so go with what you like, the most important thing is that it is framed how you want it to look!

All our Finished Picture Frames come complete with the following:

Your questions answered about Sports Memorabilia Framing


Ensuring the integrity of your autographed sports memorabilia is paramount to us. Our specialists handle all items with utmost care, using gloves to prevent any damage or smudging of autographs. We discuss framing options that best showcase and protect your memorabilia, including the use of UV-protective glass to prevent fading and archival materials to safeguard against deterioration.

Yes, we can cater for framing of oversized and unconventional sports memorabilia. From team jerseys to large-scale prints and even equipment like bats, balls, and racquets, we custom-design our framing solutions to accommodate the unique dimensions and requirements of each piece. Our bespoke approach ensures that no matter the size or shape of your memorabilia, it will be displayed beautifully and securely.

Our team at Little Sutton Picture Framing is skilled at creating display solutions that complement both the memorabilia and your space. We offer a range of options from classic frames that highlight the elegance of the piece to shadow boxes that provide depth and context. We also provide advice on glass types, including non-reflective and museum-quality options, to ensure your sports memorabilia is the focal point, whether it’s displayed in a home, office, or commercial setting.

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