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Glass Options

Your Glass Options

We offer a range of glass from standard level float glass to museum glass, offering the highest level of protection for your high value art:

1) Standard 2mm float glass. Basic glazing option offered by most framers.
2) Art Glass AR70. Know as “no glass” in the trade AR70 offers amazing clarity and less than 1% light reflection (non reflective)
3) TruVue Conservation Glass. With up to 99% UV protection this is an ideal option for limited addition and original works of art. Other options, such as Acrylic and museum glass are also available.

We will ensure you get the best advice to make your own informed decision

About our Mounts

All our mounts are cut from Larson-Juhl Conservation / White Core mount boards as a minimum standard. All Conservation boards fully comply to FATG Conservation level. Whitecore boards meet FATG Standard level. We offer mountboards in 1400 micron (standard) and 2400 micron (extra thick). We use state of the art computerised mount cutters which enable us to cut an abundance of aperture shapes accurately. Specifications for our Conservation and Whitecore mount boards:

The surface and backing papers:

The Core

The Adhesive

Accelerated Ageing Test

Other picture framing mounts we offer are Black core, Suedette Conservation Core, Conservation Solid Core and Museum Cotton Core, for specifications or prices please contact us to discuss your requirements.

How To Choose A Mount

One of the important decisions that needs to be made when mounting or framing you art / image is the mount, there are a number of decisions that need to be considered:

The different types of mount boards used is also important, the 2 main types commonly used are cream core and white core / conservation white core. Cream core is the cheapest option, this has a cream colour to the cut bevel in the mount board aperture and will discolour over time going brown. White core and conservation white core have a white colour to the cut bevel edge and under normal conditions will remain white

Although white core is a more expensive mount board than cream core we only us WHITE CORE as a minimum for all our picture framing.

Depending on the artwork being framed there are other options, if you are unsure of your requirements please call us and we would be more than happy to discuss the other mount board types available

Your questions answered about personalised mounts


Personalising your mount with Little Sutton Picture Framing begins with your vision. Our experts consult with you to understand the specific needs and aesthetic preferences for your artwork or photograph. Utilising our computerised mount cutters, we can achieve precise shapes, sizes, and designs, from simple elegance to intricate patterns. Whether you have a complete design in mind or need guidance to create one, we’re here to make your custom mount come to life.

Absolutely! Our range of mount materials includes a variety of colours, textures, and finishes, enabling you to find the perfect match for your artwork and framing choice. During the consultation process, we’ll show you samples and make recommendations based on the artwork’s style and your personal taste, ensuring the mount complements both beautifully.

Opting for a personalised mount elevates your framed piece from simply displayed to meticulously showcased. It adds an extra layer of aesthetic appeal, enhancing the artwork’s visual impact and integrating seamlessly with your interior decor. Personalised mounts also offer a unique opportunity to highlight specific elements of the artwork, create visual depth, and ensure the piece stands out as a focal point in any room.

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